Uniqlo Social Media Animations

Checkland Kindleysides set a brief in my third year which was to choose a brand and produce three animations for social media with the purpose of promoting a new flagship store. The key factors were to include the brand’s values and match the tone of my animations to the feel of the brand. I decided to choose Uniqlo and conducted thorough research and discovered their brand attributes were: simplicity, quality and longevity. They’re a clothing brand fit for the average everyday person. Uniqlo’s ethic is to produce little designs but in many different colours. To showcase the brands fun, bright colourful attributes,

I discovered Uniqlo’s adverts or campaigns are quirky and often include stop motion or illustration.

My idea for a new Uniqlo flagship store is to open a solely ‘HeatTeach’ clothing store, currently a sub clothing range within Uniqlo, focusing on keeping people warm in extreme climates. I linked each animation to a quirky and fun activity you could do wearing HeatTeach: stargaze, ghost hunt, and have a camp fire. I also wanted to push the boundaries of Uniqlo’s audience and aim the new store and the brand to a younger audience. I decided to create 3 stop motion animations that would be used across social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. I worked all animations around the square form of the Uniqlo logo to create a base and a consistent brand identity.

On my degree show night in June 2016 I was presented with second place for the brief.


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